Dedication Plaques Showcase Renovation Projects for School District

Published November 28, 2012 19:54


Donor Walls Benton Community School District Atkins Dedication Plaque  Donor Walls Benton Community School District Bronze Dedication Plaque

The Benton Community School District contacted Presentations to create three dedication plaques for various buildings. Gary Zittergruen, the Benton CSD Superintendent, spotted a plaque previously done by Presentations for the Cedar Rapids Community School District and was interested in a similar design.

Presentations created two dedication plaques based on the CRCSD design. Mounted on Plexiglas with standoffs to differentiate the mascot from the rest of the plaque, the addition of the school’s bobcat mascot to the donor plaques makes it special to the school and adds dimension to the display.

Another plaque designed for the Benton Community School District was fabricated from bronze to stand up to the outdoor elements at the Bobcat Stadium.

The biggest challenge for this project was getting a high enough resolution photo or vectored image of the mascot. It is important to save the vectored images for any logos you may want to print later in order to retain image clarity. At the end of this project Presentations was able to provide Benton CSD with a high quality file of their bobcat mascot.

Benton Community School District can now show their pride with three beautiful dedication pieces.

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