Arreya® Digital Signage Software Hits the Road in Mobile Museum

Published May 07, 2014 20:53


Digital Uof Iowa Museum MonitorsA Winnebago becomes the perfect venue for the traveling history display for the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa has a natural history museum and the Old Capitol Museum on campus. Free to the public and supporting their educational degrees in the museum industry and archeology, the University is always looking for ways to promote the beautiful museums and create educational outreach. The mobile history display was a great way to bring a taste of the museums and related University programs to people all over the state of Iowa.

Web Outside

The Mobile Museum history display was completely created in Iowa. The University of Iowa collaborated with Presentations to complete the interior cabinets, graphic panels, exterior vehicle graphics and the ARREYA powered digital multi-touch displays in a short 45 days. Beyond the need for the exhibits and history display to be durable to stand up to the thousand’s of visitors, the exhibits also needed to withstand the force of traveling. Extra supports were engineered into the base of the cabinets, graphic panels were attached to museum cleats that were permanently attached to a rail system on the interior walls and the graphics were designed for all audiences with easy to read, large copy and full color images and printed on durable textured media to withstand dents and fingerprints.

The multi-touch digital signage displays are wi-fi powered by ARREYA, a cloud-based software, developed by Presentations, that allows for instant updates from anywhere and viewing everywhere.The digital content was designed by Presentations with collaboration from different departments at the University of Iowa. The content includes, three different subjects that each have a three-dimensional models that is easily manipulated, accordian question and answers and video gallery. All widgets and options are part of the ARREYA monthly subscription. To see and try the live digital content, go to

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