What is Experiential Branding

Experiential branding is the thoughtful application of brand to every point of contact with the market. Beyond business cards and letterhead, experiential branding is combining design disciplines of graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial to communicate identity, information, and the idea of place. Presentations goes beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary visual branding elements that extend the marketing and communications of non-profits and corporations.


Competition for recognition is tough and in today’s market extends to the airwaves and cyberspace. A business can increase brand awareness, promote loyalty and differentiate itself from competitors in the market by using experiential branding. Experiential branding makes you stand out from the crowd with a focus on a strong brand message.


Brand TouchpointsBy extending a brand into all internal and external environments of a space it can promote sensory perceptions of a non-profit or corporation. When your employees understand your vision and mission they are better at self promotion and are more loyal. Visual keys are an easy way to promote brand awareness on a daily basis. Your clients, visitors and employees will know who you are the moment they enter your campus or open a brochure.

Touchpoints are the specific experiential branding contact opportunities to strengthen brand and communicate identity. There are thousands of opportunities each day to contact your market. Taking advantage of all of them will reassure an increase in market share and build brand equity among employees, vendors, clients and visitors. Presentations brings cohesion and innovation to all of the touchpoints, making sure they all work together and deliver the same solid message.

Image courtesy of "Designing Brand Identity" by Alina Wheeler, C.2006