Our Process

Every project is a custom design and build, because of this Presentations follows a three phase process - visioning, developing, implementing. Presentations takes the time to understand their clients needs, budget and deadline. A phased process assures a final product that matches the environment, branding and overall goal of the client.


Presentations conducts an in depth, information gathering to achieve a clear understanding of the goal of the project and the mission and vision of the client. The visioning phase is critical to the overall outcome. Done correctly, it highlights the sometimes hidden focus of a client and can lead to new, clearer branding and a larger market share.

Visioning Phase Process:

  • Determine project scope
  • Clear Understanding of the audience
  • Clarify deadline and budget
  • Build project team


Presentations fleshes out the overall vision during the development phase of a project. The overall project team, which may include designers and engineers, are included in a creative charette to ensure clarity in the final product and to add exclusive, creative elements and quality.

Developing Phase Process:

  • Conduct research
  • Design development
  • Engineering
  • Hardware and Media


Presentations brings the project to life. Whether the final product is a one-of-a-kind design or corporate branding for internal spaces, Presentations implementation phase is a cohesive and complete product that extends your environmental brand to the specific target audience.

Implementing Phase Process:

  • Complete design
  • Complete engineering
  • Production and fabrication
  • Inspection of work
  • Installation and delivery