Recognition Plaque on Display at Kirkwood Facility

Published August 01, 2009 21:43

Kirkwood Plaque1

Sometimes the donations needing recognition aren’t monetary and don’t include a list of names. In these cases, we are still able to create relevant, touching tributes. The Flood of 2008 was devastating to countless businesses and communities. For Kirkwood’s Vinton Center, recognizing those who had reached out was of utmost importance. The recognition plaque designed for their small space incorporated the ... Read more

Roosevelt Hospital Honors & Celebrates New Born Babies on Their Donor Display Wall

Published June 20, 2009 21:28


The Smallest Things Donor Recognition Wall celebrates and honors those small miracles who come into the world at Roosevelt Hospital in Mahattan, NYC. The idea is to include Parents, grandparents, family and friends who may wish to mark this joyous and exciting time in a very special way. With a charitable gift the baby in their life will have their name displayed on the mural – a ... Read more

Mercy Medical Center Flood Marker and Plaque

Published September 15, 2008 21:20

Mh Recognition Display 1 Mh Recognition Display 2

Located more than 10 blocks outside the flood zone. Mercy Medical Center was shocked to see the flood waters of June 2008 enter the ground level of their hospital. While volunteers, Mercy employees and contract workers held back the waters. Mercy employees succeeded in evacuating over 200 patients.To recognize this heroic effort, Mercy Hosptial came to us needing a flood line marker and plaque. Working with the ... Read more

Recognition Plaques on Display to Celebrate Coaching Legacy

Published October 23, 2007 20:27

Coe Coach PlaqueCoe Side Profile

Coe College wanted to recognize and pay tribute to the head coaches that collectively defined Coe’s rich football tradition. We offered a twist on the traditional and a touch of the unexpected. Respecting Coe’s conservative aesthetic, we designed a series of recognition plaques that married the modern Kohawk image with the legacy and tradition of its history. Classic, edge-routed oak layered with sleek ... Read more