Transforming the Space to Highlight the Past

Published August 23, 2012 19:09


Sl Trophy History Display

For decades the St. Luke’s Hospital has been providing healthcare to the Cedar Rapids area. St. Luke’s came to Presentations with two goals in mind: 1) to establish an appealing history display and 2) create a welcoming space in a well-traveled hallway.

Presentations helped St. Luke’s create a comprehensive environment that was able to express the things that are important to St. Luke’s Hospital; the people, the care, and the service. The paint color was carefully picked to best highlight the content that of the display and brighten up the hallway. Presentations also facilitated the content selection process to ensure the right content was used to complete the vision.

Each era stands off the wall on translucent panels to provide depth and light while still providing room for expansion, the captions and pictures enlighten the viewers to the years of care provided by St. Luke’s Hospital. To further show this excellence, a custom awards case was produced for the end wall.

As a result, this dark hallway has been transformed into a bright, inspiring space. The donor recognition wall that previously hung in the space has been replaced by a consolidated comprehensive donor wall. For more information on the St. Luke’s Hospital donor wall, please go to, “St. Luke’s new donor wall lights the way for future donors and giving.”

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