School Foundation Donor Wall Creates Community Pride

Published August 15, 2012 16:46


Linn Mar Donor Wall

The Linn-Mar School Foundation strengthens its community by partnering with businesses and individuals to raise, steward, and distribute funds, thereby enhancing educational excellence for present and future Linn-Mar students. With the goals to recognize both the “Beyond” endowment and “Annual” donors while reflecting the mission of the organization and speaking to the Linn-Mar community, the Linn-Mar School Foundation chose Presentations to design their donor wall.

The design is influenced by the Linn-Mar School Foundation logo and the lion mascot. The geometric logo and colors are brought in to the layout as a way to divide the wall into different sections and donor levels. The donor wall also serves to help educate about the foundation, using the mission statement and key words. Seven giving levels are identified on their own aluminum sections with larger lettering to emphasize the higher donation levels.

In the early stages of the donor wall Linn-Mar struggled to decide on the proper location. (You can read more about this debate in a previous post, “Does Location Matter?”) The Linn-Mar donor wall now hangs in the Linn-Mar High School. One concern with this location was durability and how the donor wall would hold up to high school tampering. To protect the individual lettering a clear piece of Plexiglas covers each aluminum panel, which can still be removed for easy donor updates. The annual section is a print that gets sandwiched between the Plexiglas and aluminum as a cost effective way for yearly changes. Finally, the lion is incorporated as the background element to emphasize the title and theme of this donor wall. Not to be the focus, the lion stands behind the panels with pride as a way to show thanks and belonging towards this organization.

The result is a donor wall that reflects the Linn-Mar School Foundation’s goals and gives them a relevant presence in a space that they can now be proud to stand by and update for years to come.

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