Local Icon Commemorated in History Display

Published November 16, 2012 19:23

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History Display Zach J Hdr

The Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa played a big role in the start of professional golfer, Zach Johnson’s, career. In order to commemorate his career, the country club wanted an interactive digital display, as well as a changeable history display to showcase Zach’s memorabilia in the clubhouse.The challenge of this project was to display the memorabilia in a captivating way that didn’t appear to be just “stuff on shelves”. To accomplish this, Presentations turned the history display into a combination of photos and prints as well as memorabilia.

In order to blend the new history display with the existing environment, the same Brazilian Mahogany in the clubhouse was used for the frame of the display. The background panel is an image of a painting of one of the holes on the Elmcrest course and is curved to give the illusion of looking down the course. Elmcrest Country Club did not want the cabinet attached to the building, so the entire piece is free standing. Custom cut glass doors and built-in security completed the custom history exhibit and ensures the safety of the price-less memorabilia from Zach Johnson’s collection. The interactive digital display of audio and visual is updated on a yearly basis with highlights of Zach Johnson’s ongoing golfing successes.

The Elmcrest Country Club now has a beautiful history display highlighting the youth, college, and pro career of the local icon Zach Johnson. The timing for this project was perfect. It was completed the weekend before Zach Johnson’s win at the Masters Tournament in 2007; the green jacket was quickly added.

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