Hospital Donor Wall to Remember Loved Ones

Published January 17, 2013 21:05


Sl Wor Donor Wall

At the St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there is a program that provides family and friends the opportunity to give gifts in remembrance of loved ones. Since the new donor wall would be placed near the large cumulative digital donor display, the esthetics of the two designs needed to coordinate.The Wall of Remembrance, originally called Heart Spaces, blends nicely with the digital donor display. To ease the transition, a similar photo was used for the backgrounds, as well as the same fonts and wood as the previous display. However, no lights were used for the Wall of Remembrance in order to keep the project on budget. The wall can also be updated annually with the use of sandwich Plexiglas panels to house the donor listing. 

St. Luke’s Wall of Remembrance completes the space while recognizing the gifts in remembrance of loved ones lost.

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