Hospice Donor Wall and Room Naming Plaques

Published February 28, 2013 21:26

Source http://www.donorrecognitionwall.com/one-of-a-kind-hospice-unit/

 Wall     Donor Wall St Lukes Room Naming1

The new Hospice Inpatient Unit at St. Luke's Hospital needed a donor wall that complimented the earthly feel of the space and still was respectful of the visitors and donors. The individually cut donor leaves and the whimsy of the etched swirling branches that seem to carry the donor leaves and flow through the air into the serene forest. Translucent materials were used in the fabrication to give it an airy feel and the wood was custom matched to the existing trim work throughout the unit.
The room naming plaques were fabricated using the same wood and translucent medias and secured with tamper-proof fasteners. The plaques are a nice tribute to the generous donors.

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