Donor Wall Lobby for Texas Lions Camp

Published March 01, 2013 18:43


Tlc Donor Wall2   Tlc Donor Wall3

Creating a new and inspiring donor recognition wall was priority for Texas Lions Camp. Their ability to raise funds to support their amazing work with physically and mentally challenged children is totally reliant on donations, so a donor wall that encouraged giving was a must. The original brass donor tree was moved to a different space and the lobby was redesigned to house a grid system donor recognition wall with digital interactive monitor. The colors, photos and translucent silhouette images were custom selected from the personal photos of Texas Lions Camp.

The digital monitor was built to fit into the aluminum grid system and a custom surround was built from blue plexiglas to secure the monitor in place. A special software program was written to manage the more than 25,000 donor names and easily organize them into lists on the digital screen. It allows any TLC staff member wireless access for updates on the fly keeping the display current and making updates a very easy and efficient task.

TLC's Board of Directors LOVE IT, a flawless execution of our plan was delivered by Presentations, and I cannot be more thrilled with our donor recognition wall", said Stephen S. Mabry, CEO Texas Lions Camp.

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