Digital Donor Wall Generates Donations for Hospital

Published March 31, 2016 19:45

Smc Digitaltouch HospitalSaunders Medical Center, a brand new healthcare facility in Wahoo, Nebraska needed a way to acknowledge their donors, post upcoming events and most importantly, encourage new donations. The answer was a digital donor wall with ARREYA digital signage software. Not unlike many waiting areas, Saunders had hung pictures and a television for visitors. Wanting to do more with the space and bring in more ... Read more

Arreya® Digital Signage Software Hits the Road in Mobile Museum

Published May 07, 2014 20:53

Digital Uof Iowa Museum MonitorsA Winnebago becomes the perfect venue for the traveling history display for the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa has a natural history museum and the Old Capitol Museum on campus. Free to the public and supporting their educational degrees in the museum industry and archeology, the University is always looking for ways to promote the beautiful museums and create educational outreach. The ... Read more

Rail Wall Systems for Donor Recognition & Branding Walls

Published April 16, 2014 15:46

Donor Walls Tamid LargeOur unique Rail Wall Systems are perfect for all displays and exhibits: donor recognition walls, mission or vision walls, art displays or any other visual display.  The system can be vertical or horizontal with panels that are flat or "jump" over a bar to give it a three-dimensional look. Any length or any width, the Rail Wall System is easily customized to fit your needs and dimensions. ... Read more

The Future of Digital Signage Software

Published April 16, 2014 15:41

The world is buzzing with our new digital signage software. Revolutionizing digital signage Presentations has created a new software called ARREYA. 

Arreya H Rg Bweb

 It's innovative technology software service let's you do it simply, instantly and from anywhere. No upfront expensive hardware or hidden upgrade costs. You set up an account and pick the subscription that fits your needs, if your needs change, just change your ... Read more

Creating Digital Signage Content

Published March 07, 2014 20:47

Congratulations! You made the decision to enter the world of digital signage.You purchased the necessary hardware and got it installed. You plug it in, turn it on and nothing…where is the content? Unlike television, digital signage doesn’t come with preprogrammed channels full of content, this needs to be designed and then formatted to work with your hardware and updated frequently.

The ... Read more

Hospital Dental Clinic Memorial Wall

Published March 01, 2013 18:58


St. Luke's Hospital wanted to honor the man who had given so much to the Dental Health Center within the hospital. More than naming the clinic after him, they wanted visitors to learn a little about the years of dedication Dr. Rhys B. Jones had given. 

The colors of the new memorial wall, compliment the existing wall colors and aquatic themed space. The photo was printed clear with an aluminum backer to give it a depth ... Read more

Donor Wall Lobby for Texas Lions Camp

Published March 01, 2013 18:43

Tlc Donor Wall2   Tlc Donor Wall3

Creating a new and inspiring donor recognition wall was priority for Texas Lions Camp. Their ability to raise funds to support their amazing work with physically and mentally challenged children is totally reliant on donations, so a donor wall that encouraged giving was a must. The original brass donor tree was moved to a different space and the lobby was redesigned to house a grid system donor recognition wall ... Read more

A Wall of Hope Donor Wall to Serve Seniors

Published March 01, 2013 17:39


SeniorServ in Anaheim, California wanted to engage visitors and celebrate donors with an updateable donor wall at the entrance of their facility. Using a flexible panel system names can be easily added by staff to the existing panels. Presentations staggered the design elements to add interest and leave room for logos, photos and other panels that speak to the mission and vision of SeniorServ. Some of the panels jump ... Read more

A "Clear Choice" for Donor Wall

Published February 28, 2013 21:47

Jcf Donor Wall    Closeup

The new donor wall at the new Great Jones County Fair Youth Development Center was a clear choice. With the large, open atrium that allows natural light to flow through the space and the Stone City stone walls, the translucent panels of the donor wall were the best choice for the space. Agricultural photos were used for the background panels and each panel represents a different giving level. Grid panels with ... Read more

Hospice Donor Wall and Room Naming Plaques

Published February 28, 2013 21:26

 Wall     Donor Wall St Lukes Room Naming1

The new Hospice Inpatient Unit at St. Luke's Hospital needed a donor wall that complimented the earthly feel of the space and still was respectful of the visitors and donors. The individually cut donor leaves and the whimsy of the etched swirling branches that seem to carry the donor leaves and flow through the air into the serene forest. Translucent materials were used in the fabrication to ... Read more

Hospital Donor Wall to Remember Loved Ones

Published January 17, 2013 21:05

Sl Wor Donor Wall

At the St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there is a program that provides family and friends the opportunity to give gifts in remembrance of loved ones. Since the new donor wall would be placed near the large cumulative digital donor display, the esthetics of the two designs needed to coordinate.The Wall of Remembrance, originally called Heart Spaces, blends nicely with the digital donor display. To ease the ... Read more

Dedication Plaques Showcase Renovation Projects for School District

Published November 28, 2012 19:54

Donor Walls Benton Community School District Atkins Dedication Plaque  Donor Walls Benton Community School District Bronze Dedication Plaque

The Benton Community School District contacted Presentations to create three dedication plaques for various buildings. Gary Zittergruen, the Benton CSD Superintendent, spotted a plaque previously done by Presentations for the Cedar Rapids Community School District and was interested in a similar design.

Presentations created two dedication plaques based on the CRCSD design. Mounted ... Read more

Local Icon Commemorated in History Display

Published November 16, 2012 19:23

History Display Zach J Hdr

The Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa played a big role in the start of professional golfer, Zach Johnson’s, career. In order to commemorate his career, the country club wanted an interactive digital display, as well as a changeable history display to showcase Zach’s memorabilia in the clubhouse.The challenge of this project was to display the memorabilia in a captivating way that didn’t appear to be just “ ... Read more

Is Price the Only Thing That Matters?

Published November 15, 2012 19:53

In the case of gasoline prices the answer is yes, but when designing a display that honors your organization or donors do you want to go cheap? A cheap display with no visual indication of your story or corporate brand will deter donors from giving and project an unsure atmosphere within your organization.

Let’s say you are planning on spending $8000 on your donor recognition, but you find a company that will give you the ... Read more

Donor Recognition Stands Together With a City Icon

Published September 20, 2012 17:09

Fst Donor Display 1 Web Fst Donor Wall Display 2 Web

A donor display now recognizes those who gave to the renovation and build campaigns of the “Tree of Five Seasons.” It is because of the community’s support that a city icon, which was created in 1996 and damaged during the flood of 2008, can still stand tall. To recognize this spirit and commitment the city has placed a recognition stand to identify 145 local families and businesses who donated to the ... Read more

More Than 100 Years of Bank History on Display

Published September 07, 2012 19:29

History Wall Hills Bank I2 History Wall Hills Bank I3

After being in business for over 105 years, Hills Bank and Trust contacted Presentations to design and build a history display. Hills Bank already had a place in mind for the display; however it needed to fit the existing theme in the room. In order to achieve this, Presentations matched the wood already used in the room to frame the history display.

The content of the wall highlighted customer stories and past ... Read more

Layers Give Depth to Donor Walls

Published September 05, 2012 17:06

Bhm Donor Wall Bhm Donor Walls

The Big Horn County Historical Society Museum needed to recognize their donors with a donor wall to fit their space and themed around their identity. The museum contacted Presentations to help produce a donor wall they designed and visioned.

The challenge to this donor wall design was the multiple layering that incorporated photographed images of the mountains. Each peak of the mountain represents one of the six donor giving ... Read more

Donor Wall for Illinois Hospice Care Center

Published August 28, 2012 16:48

Mp&Hcc Donor Wall Closeup2 Mp&Hcc Donor Wall Closeup1

The Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter is committed to providing excellent hospice and palliative care, as well as grief counseling and support. The CareCenter came to Presentations looking for a way to thank their donors who show just as much commitment to their vision. A great way to do this is with donor walls.

The Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter was inspired by the John XXII Catholic Church ... Read more

Transforming the Space to Highlight the Past

Published August 23, 2012 19:09

Sl Trophy History Display

For decades the St. Luke’s Hospital has been providing healthcare to the Cedar Rapids area. St. Luke’s came to Presentations with two goals in mind: 1) to establish an appealing history display and 2) create a welcoming space in a well-traveled hallway.

Presentations helped St. Luke’s create a comprehensive environment that was able to express the things that are important to St. Luke’s Hospital; the people, the ... Read more

School Foundation Donor Wall Creates Community Pride

Published August 15, 2012 16:46

Linn Mar Donor Wall

The Linn-Mar School Foundation strengthens its community by partnering with businesses and individuals to raise, steward, and distribute funds, thereby enhancing educational excellence for present and future Linn-Mar students. With the goals to recognize both the “Beyond” endowment and “Annual” donors while reflecting the mission of the organization and speaking to the Linn-Mar community, the Linn-Mar School ... Read more