Brand New Ideas

ARREYA – The Future of Digital Signage

Announcing, ARREYA® the most innovative no-nonsense digital signage system made to be SIMPLE. FLEXIBLE and INCREDIBLE.

ARREYA's® use of the innovative and secure cloud-based technology means you don't have to invest in upfront expensive hardware or software that needs constant upgrades and updates and no licensing fees to have the same content on multiple devices. No computers to install, no software to download.Arreya Home2

  1. Set Up
  2. Create Your Content
  3. GO LIVE!

Need more capabilities, upgrade your subscription for real time updates and the built in user analytics are included with every subscription. Know what is working and make changes as you need. 

ARREYA® can be used internally for human resource training or information or publicly to show wait times or send coupons. All the content is in HTML5 without conversion so feel free to add photos, high resolution videos, widgets and social media. Use one of our templates or customize one just right for you.Revolutionizing the way we think about digital signage. Going beyond the monitor and viewable everywhere, editable anywhere and reaching people beyond the monitor.

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